An occasional update of video releases

* THE CAMERAMAN'S REVENGE AND OTHER TALES OF THE FANTASTIC - A specialist in puppet animation, Ladislaw Starewicz worked in both Russia and Poland during his long career, creating whimsical fables that combine dreamlike imagery with sly commentaries on cinema and politics, among other subjects. Although his visions are not as vivid as those of Walt Disney or Georges Melies, with whom he has been compared, the best moments in his collected works are downright magical. Spanning the years between 1912 and 1958, this cassette includes ``The Insect's Christmas'' and the colorful ``Voice of the Nightingale'' as well as ``The Mascot,'' the glistening ``Winter Carousel,'' and an Orwellian parable called ``Frogland.'' (Milestone Film & Video, New York) * THE SUN'S BURIAL Recalling aspects of ``The Lower Depths'' and ``Rebel Without a Cause'' but more ferocious than either, this 1960 melodrama by Japanese director Nagisa Oshima shows the hate and corruption swirling around a criminal operation that peddles blood on the black market. Inventive filmmaking makes the overheated story more persuasive than it might have been in the hands of a lesser artist, although the truly extravagant heights of Oshima's later work are only suggested here. (New Yorker Video, New York) * THE 2000 YEAR OLD MAN - With animated figures acting out the stories and jokes, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner do their comedy act about the oldest man in the world, who has thousands of children but not one who comes to visit. Although some gags are better than others, Brooks is priceless as his crotchety character explains why Shakespeare was a lousy writer, why nectarines are the best fruit even when they're rotten, and why women were unknown in the world until a caveman named Bernie discovered them. Leo Salkin directed the cartooning that accompanies the routine. (Rhino Home Video, Los Angeles)

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