Regarding Ollie: in Search of the True North

Regarding your editorial``The Ollie North Vote,'' June 9: I spent two tours of duty in Washington, and became most familiar with the inner and outer workings of the executive and legislative branches of government.

Lt. Col. Oliver North was a warrior - a valiantly proven fighting marine who was a little out of place in the office of the national security adviser to the president. He possessed the fighter's can-do spirit that makes our armed forces so great. Everything he did and said was in service to his country and the head of state.

Your editorial fails to acknowledge his previous service and the high motives that drive this marine. Expressions like ``a rough and ready outsider,'' and ``his full-metal-jacket rhetoric'' are indicative of a venomous attitude toward an individual who has chosen to fight, as is his nature, rather than quit.

And in your haste to identify GOP leaders who oppose Mr. North, you made a bad choice in singling out Sen. Bob Dole. Lefteris Lavrakas, Costa Mesa, Calif., Captain (USN, ret.)

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