Company Politics Takes Its Toll On Firms

THE competitive politics practiced in the workplace is taking its toll on businesses, according to some of the country's top executives. In a poll conducted by Boston-based Accountemps, executives said they waste an average of 20 percent of their time -

or 10 weeks a year - dealing with company politics.

``Politics are an inherent part of the corporate culture,'' says Bob Half, founder of Accountemps, a temporary staffing service. ``In a competitive environment, there will always be some people who try to advance their careers by using subversive tactics to manipulate or influence others.''

Negative company politics are often the result of internal pressures, especially when companies demand unreasonable levels of productivity, Mr. Half says. Summer jobs

FOR many children, summer is the perfect time to make a little money. Often the best way is by doing odd jobs. In a survey done at the end of last summer, Zillions magazine found that 7 out of 10 of the nine-to 15-year-olds did odd jobs for neighbors or friends.

To earn summer money, 4 out of 10 of the kids surveyed baby-sat (earning a median rate of $2 an hour). One in 10 fed pets ($2 a day), and 1 in 10 mowed lawns ($7 a lawn).

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