Bosnians Meet in Geneva for Peace Talks

BOSNIAN Serbs and the Muslim-led Bosnian government prepared to discuss a proposed cease-fire for Bosnia yesterday in Geneva.

The Muslim-led delegation agreed to the talks after Serbs finally withdrew from a two-mile exclusion zone around the eastern Bosnian enclave of Gorazde.

The warring factions have not sat down at the same table for talks since February, before the formation of the Muslim-Croat alliance and a NATO ultimatum to Serbs to stop shelling Sarajevo.

The United Nations reported mostly low-level fighting in the former Yugoslav republic over the past 48 hours, with Serb forces shelling the UN-controlled airport in Tuzla. The airfield has been the target of Serb tank and artillery fire in recent weeks, and Sunday's shelling came despite Serb pledges to refrain from the attacks.

Yashushi Akashi, special UN envoy to the former Yugoslavia, hoped to get all sides together yesterday to present his draft for a Bosnia-wide cease-fire.

Diplomats said Mr. Akashi's draft would call for an initial four-month cease-fire with withdrawal of heavy weapons from front lines and interposition of thousands of UN forces, coming into effect five days after signature.

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