Macedonia and Greek Nationhood

The article leads us to believe that a poor, democratic, and multiethnic state is threatened by exterior forces, but this is untrue. President Kiro Gligorov knows very well that the greatest danger to his state is from within. That is why he insists on inventing history and plagiarizing Greek culture. But no amount of plagiarism (or American military and economic aid) will ever save FYROM if there is no national conscience.

The embargo is not intended to topple the government but to get the world's attention. That is why President Clinton named a special envoy to mediate the dispute.

A little caution won't hurt. After all, a quick recognition of Bosnia did not prevent war there.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin has repeatedly declared ``When it comes down to the security of Israel, there is no compromise.''

Should we expect less from Greece? Vasili Soultoukis, Philadelphia

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