Macedonia and Greek Nationhood

The opinion-page article ``Macedonia: Europe's Finger in the Dike,'' May 9, includes glaring distortions of truth, factual errors, and historical inaccuracies.

The piece unquestioningly rehashes the propaganda of the extremist elements of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), totally ignoring historical and political realities in the region.

Instead of helping the reader understand the roots and the complexities of the situation, the article vilifies the Greek people and the Greek-American community for their struggle to protect their national identity and the future territorial integrity of their homeland.

Greece is continuing its efforts for a dialogue with the FYROM leadership to resolve differences and promote peace, stability, and cooperation in the southern Balkans.

Since the beginning of the Balkan crisis, we have actively participated in all peace initiatives and have put our knowledge of the area and our contacts with regional leaders to the service of peace efforts. Marina Kasdaglis, Boston Press attache, Consulate General of Greece

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