Probe Asks If Rao Requested Race Screening At Boston Stay

THE Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination said Indian government officials allegedly asked that only whites or Indians be allowed to serve Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and his entourage during a stay last week at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. Indian security officials denied the charge, the Boston Globe reported Sunday, but said they wanted to protect Mr. Rao from terrorist attack.

The commission brought the charge, the commission's chairman, Michael Duffy said, after an employee complained early last week. Several other employees confirmed the allegation, he said. After receiving the hotel's response, the commission will conduct an investigation that may include hearings. If the commission finds discrimination occurred, it could levy fines of tens of thousands of dollars, order the hotel to reimburse employees for lost wages or tips, and consider filing a protest with India. - Reuters Meters for homeless

PEOPLE who want to help the homeless but don't feel comfortable tossing money into paper cups now have another option in Nashville, Tenn.: plugging their coins into red, white, and blue recycled parking meters.

Starting this week, signs will ask people to put money in them instead of giving to panhandlers.

Panhandling is legal, but often intimidates people, an official said. The money will go to Walk for the Homeless, an annual event that raises money for agencies that help homeless people find housing.

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