Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics (CBS, 8-10 p.m.) If you had to name the drama show from early TV days that has stuck most securely in the public mind, it might be the sci-fi anthology ``The Twilight Zone'' - and especially its eerily soft-spoken creator-host-writer, Rod Serling.

They have dug up and packaged two stories here that are not really lost Serling dramas, but they are linked closely enough to the brilliant writer to offer at least historical interest. ``The Theater'' - based on a ``treatment'' by Sterling of a script written by his collaborator Richard Matheson - is about two lovers who see a lot of films together. At one point she goes to the movies alone, and ... well, the plot has a Serling-esque twist at the end.

``Where the Dead Are,'' based on Serling's last unproduced screenplay, is set in the late 1800s and involves a young surgeon who tries to track down where one of his patients comes from - again for the most Serling-esque of reasons.

The two dramas, narrated by James Earl Jones, contain some grim material, but that's never stopped Serling fans in the past. * FRIDAY

Bill Moyers' Journal (PBS, 9-10 p.m.): Anyone familiar with Pete Seeger - the popular, once controversial folk singer and activist for social causes - knows he's going to pick up his banjo or guitar and offer a song or two, no matter where he is. Even in the company of as eminent a talker as Moyers, who had just undergone heart surgery at press time, that's exactly what Seeger does.

On ``Pure Pete Seeger,'' he and Moyers explore the musician's life, career, and ideas. The occasion marks the week of Seeger's 75th birthday. For over 50 years he has been singing and quite often getting into trouble over offerings like ``Waist Deep in the Big Muddy,'' an anti-Vietnam War song that was clipped from a 1960s TV variety show. He recounts his days with folk singer-songwriter Woodie Guthrie and others, and reflects on the issues that have swirled around his career from the start.

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