The Navy is listening

I strongly disagree with your editorial ``They Still Don't Get It,'' March 15, which implies that the lessons of Tailhook have gone unheeded. As a retired Navy officer and a member of the Tailhook Association for many years, I can say categorically that neither the Navy nor the Tailhook Association has condoned criminal behavior.

It would certainly appear that criminal incidents did take place; and, if proved, the military justice system can more than adequately respond. The problem with Tailhook was that the incident became a witch hunt. Cases under investigation became so infused with innuendoes, half truths, and outright false accusations that the real offenders were lost in the smoke.

However, none of the above means that the Navy did not take notice. There have not only been tangible efforts to address all the implications of Tailhook and sexual harassment (such as the sensitivity training you mentioned), but there has been a genuine cultural change that is far greater than most people realize. The Navy is aware of the problems, and they are being corrected.

The Navy remains an invaluable asset of our country, and the officers and enlisted personnel that serve still maintain honor, integrity, and selfless service. Benjamin Woodworth, Germantown, Tenn.

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