Come clean on the Khmer Rouge

PHNOM PENH has threatened to launch cross-border attacks against Khmer Rouge armored units it says are hiding on Thai territory and Thai and Cambodian gunners exchanged shellfire. Cambodia is threatening to take its charges to the UN Security Council....

After Cambodian soldiers seized [the Khmer Rouge headquarters of] Pailin, photos surfaced of Thai military officers embracing Khmer Rouge cadres. Worse, Thai Rangers admitted that Unit 838, set up to handle covert shipment of arms to the Khmer Rouge during the resistance war against Vietnam, was still up and running. Military officials had claimed earlier this year that the unit had been disbanded....

It is not enough for Thailand to merely issue verbal denial after denial.... If there is nothing to hide, why not open the border to the local and international press and disprove the widely held belief that Pol Pot maintains a residence in [the Thai province of] Trat ... and that some segments of the Thai military along the frontier continue to maintain close links with the group.

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