Treaty Calls for More Than Nonproliferation

In ``North Korea Digs In Its Heels on Nuclear-Development Issue,'' April 5, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is referred to as one ``designed to halt the spread of nuclear arms.'' That is only half of the story - the half the nuclear powers want to hear. Article VI of that treaty makes it clear that its purpose is also nuclear disarmament.

Until the nuclear powers take their obligations seriously and begin to plan for a nuclear-free world, why should nonnuclear powers honor theirs? The sauce for the goose is also meant for the gander. Bruce Kent, London Vice President Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

One `security' card is enough

Regarding the editorial ``Health Care and Rights,'' April 5. Rather than a national health security card, why not employ the existing Social Security card and number by way of identification as is presently done by Medicare?

I am opposed to a special card containing personal medical information. Ralph R. McCoy, Seattle

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