Welfare Does Not Relieve Moms' Workloads

I get angry when I read that welfare moms at home spend their time ``watching soap operas on TV'' (implying that they do no ``real work''). I am a stay-at-home mom (not on welfare). With small children and a household to run, I am busy with much real work and have no time to watch soap operas. Even if I did, what would be wrong with taking a break out of my 16-hour day (plus on-call at night)? Are moms on welfare different from me? Do they not take care of their children at home?

Why is working, at a fast-food restaurant for instance, considered more important than raising one's children oneself? A child needs his or her parent full time, in the first few years at least. I am angry that we begrudge children proper care and do not respect parental responsibilities, yet consider it OK to spend millions on armaments, cosmetics, etc. Society's values are upside-down. Joyce D. Jarvis, Dixon, Mo.

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