Small Businesses Can Blossom on Their Own

Regarding the front-page article ``Business Comes Around to Idea of Guidance From Washington,'' March 17: I think it funny that government believes itself capable of providing leadership to business entrepreneurs. Yes, government does have more funds, can provide technological support, and can pave the way to lucrative contracts. Yet government can never replace the insiders' grasp of what makes a business go and grow.

Slow is not always bad. Not having enough cash, people, machines, orders, etc., is OK. It gives time to ponder, ask questions, work with customers to provide a product that truly meets a need.

Not all small companies welcome government guidance. Money and trade surpluses are not the objectives of the workers in the shops and factories.

Government guidance is a false step, like opening the rose manually. Mike Harding, Idleyld Park, Ore.

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