China Asserts Its Place on World Stage

I disagree with most of the contentions in the editorial ``China's Rebuff,'' March 15. These views fail to address the real issue - persistent American high-handedness in trying to push its views on issues like human rights and nuclear nonproliferation, coupled with an ostrich-like attitude in failing to recognize the shifting patterns of power. The recent Chinese actions were designed to put forth one message - that the United States should desist from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of human rights.

Post-cold-war American foreign policy, especially under the Clinton administration, has blundered from one mistake to another. These mistakes stem out of a stubborn US refusal to recognize other countries as equal partners in ensuring security for the whole world. Force, rather than debate and negotiations, seems to be the action of choice for the foreign policy advocates. Such a strategy is doomed.

The recent Chinese actions affirm that they have arrived on the world stage and deserve the respect due to a great nation. Ramesh Pai, University Park, Ill.

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