The Heck With Hollywood (PBS, 10-11 p.m.): This sentiment may be widespread, now that the Oscar hoopla is over, but no one feels it more strongly than the three struggling independent filmmakers who are the focus of this documentary. It provides an inside look at their efforts to get their sometimes wildly offbeat productions on the screen.

The problem is that nearly everyone who goes to movie theaters is so used to Hollywood star vehicles that they have an almost conditioned reflex against non-mainstream productions. This program spent four years focusing on the three first-time filmmakers and their desperate efforts to stimulate commercial interest in low-budget projects. Cameras follow them to screenings, meetings with distributors, and to other stages in the challenging process of selling their un-Hollywoodish wares.

Dateline NBC (NBC, 10- 11 p.m.): Gone are the days - thankfully - when flight attendants had to be young, unmarried females and were known as ``stewardesses.'' One airline actually ran a commercial with a stewardess saying, ``I'm Debby. Fly me.'' Now flight attendants can be married, of either gender, and not so young.

But according to a segment on this week's edition of the news magazine, one allegedly discriminatory criterion still applies at some airlines: a weight limit. Delta flight attendants have brought a class-action suit against their company that claims this requirement - with its weight-according-to-height scale - is unfair to women. They say female attendants who barely top the limit have been sent home, a policy leading to unhealthy eating habits as they struggle to make the limit.

Delta maintains the rule creates a safer and more professional-looking airline. Attendants assert that weight has no bearing on the performance of their duties. * WEDNESDAY

Evening News From Moscow (C-Span, 7:25 -8 a.m. EST): A report in Russian with simultaneous English translation.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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