Hillary Clinton Stumps Across US on Health Care

DETERMINED not to let her husband's health-care measure get drowned out by Whitewater, Hillary Rodham Clinton stumped on the issue in Colorado and St. Louis this week. ``I'll talk as long or as hard as it takes until we get it done,'' the first lady said.

After a New York Times poll showed that few Americans understand the president's health plan, Mrs. Clinton concentrated on the basic details during a speech at Washington University in St. Louis on Tuesday.

``The president has not proposed a government health-care system,'' she said. `` He wants to build on the private system we have.''

One of the most misunderstood aspects of health-care reform involves choice of doctor and health plan, Mrs. Clinton told the crowd. ``The real danger for choice is the status quo,'' she said. ``It is the president's approach that guarantees your choice of doctor and health plan.''

A small group of protesters criticized the proposed plan. ``It's going to cost us more in taxes,'' said student James Gardner. ``Nothing is free.''

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