Give Russia's Peacemaking a Chance

Critics fear that Russia will go back to its old ways and restore imperial rule if allowed to act as a peacemaker to its neighbors. The article ``Russia as Big Brother to Neighboring States,'' March 2, shows how the United States still distrusts Russia. We should give them a chance.

The Soviet Union isn't the Soviet Union anymore. Its leaders allowed their country to separate into new sovereign states.

Now Russia would like to promote peace between the smaller states that have been created. This is the ideal opportunity for them to prove to the world that they've changed and can be trusted.

The US has been the mediator of conflicts for years. We go in, get the job done, and get out. Why don't we teach Russia how to do this?

Let's give them guidance and full support as they move to step in, under United Nations approval, between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis. Not only Russians, but Americans as well would like to see this conflict end. Justin Evans, Rexburg, Idaho

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