Look Beyond the Spyglass View of Russia

The article ``Russia Urges the US to Try to Stay Calm About CIA Spy Case,'' Feb. 24, gives much insight into the post-cold-war relations between the United States and Russia. This case must not go by without quick and proper action. Despite the end of the cold war we must not let our guard down or become even a little laid back when it comes to our nation's security.

While maintaining this tight national security we must improve relations with our neighbors: It is a delicate balance of trust.

No matter what you call the security organizations in a country, they will continue to gather the same intelligence using the same effective yet ethically questionable methods. Russia needs to remember that yes, we are spying, but we did not get caught. This is a significant difference and justifies the action we take relating to the Ames spy case.

Despite this sticky situation we still hope to be able to work with Russia toward a strong future. Justin Hutzley, Springfield, Ohio

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