Casting Call For Aspiring Tonyas, Nancys

THERE were more Tonyas and Nancys than you could ``shake a stick at.''

At least that was the line from the creative folks from Comedy Central, the cable television all-comedy network, who had put out an open casting call for actresses to play you-know-who for a five-minute made-for-TV movie about you-know- what.

This particular movie - perhaps more like a skit - to be aired at 8 p.m. on Feb. 22, is called ``Spunk: the Tonya Harding story.''

It intends to look at the whole episode from Tonya's point of view, says Ken Olshansky, director of development at Comedy Central. And, what is Tonya's point of view? ``I'm only trying to win a gold medal for my country,'' was the audition line.

Susan Hamilton, a professional figure skater from Wilbraham, Mass., says she's perfect for the role. Why? ``No comment,'' is her reply.

Aspiring Nancys didn't have too much to say - on the ice either. ``Why me, why anyone?''

Actress Paula Panzarella, her hair long, brown and curly, says she's the right actress since all of her friends are now calling her Nancy. The look-alike says she's prepared for the part since she's from the Bronx.

``I'm used to villains,'' she explains.

If the exercise proved anything, it was that there are plenty of blonds with pony tails and close-set eyes and brunettes with curls and long legs. Fifty actresses and one actor came.

An actor? Yes, David Locascio, a professional ice dancer, tried out for Nancy's part. ``I can be into cross-dressing for the role,'' says the pony-tailed Mr. Locascio.

Locascio, in fact, impressed one of the judges, Claude Loiselle, a hockey player with the New York Islanders.

``The guy's a good actor, but his turns are a little wide,'' says Mr. Loiselle, who admitted he was more into checking people into the boards than triple axels.

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