Women Score Gains In Oscar Nominations

`SCHINDLER'S LIST,'' Steven Spielberg's searing Holocaust drama of death and salvation, captured 12 nominations for the 66th Academy Awards, including best picture and best director.

``The Piano'' and ``The Remains of the Day'' earned eight nominations each, including best picture. Other best-picture nominees were ``The Fugitive'' and ``In the Name of the Father.''

Best actor nominees were Daniel Day-Lewis for ``In the Name of the Father,'' Laurence Fishburne in ``What's Love Got to Do With It,'' Tom Hanks in ``Philadelphia,'' Anthony Hopkins in ``The Remains of the Day,'' and Liam Neeson in ``Schindler's List.''

The best-actress nominations included Angela Bassett in ``What's Love Got to Do With It,'' Stockard Channing in ``Six Degrees of Separation,'' Holly Hunter in ``The Piano,'' Emma Thompson in ``The Remains of the Day,'' and Debra Winger in ``Shadowlands.''

Jane Campion became only the second woman to be nominated for best director for ``The Piano.'' (Lina Wertmuller was nominated for ``Seven Beauties'' in 1976.)

In addition to Spielberg, Ms. Campion faces Jim Sheridan for ``In the Name of the Father,'' James Ivory for ``The Remains of the Day'' and Robert Altman for ``Short Cuts.''

Ms. Thompson and Ms. Hunter were each nominated for best supporting actress, the first time in academy history two performers have received two nominations in the same year.

Hunter was nominated in the supporting category for ``The Firm'' and Thompson for ``In the Name of the Father.''

Also nominated were Anna Paquin for ``The Piano,'' Rosie Perez in ``Fearless,'' and Winona Ryder in ``The Age of Innocence.'' Ms. Paquin, at age 11, is the youngest performer to receive a nomination since Justin Henry, at age 8, was nominated in 1979 for his role as the son in ``Kramer vs. Kramer.''

Leonardo DiCap- rio was nominated for best supporting actor for ``What's Eating Gilbert Grape,'' joining Ralph Fiennes in ``Schindler's List,'' Tommy Lee Jones in ``The Fugitive,'' John Malkovich in ``In the Line of Fire,'' and Pete Postlethwaite in ``In the Name of the Father.''

Mr. Spielberg, whose films have been the most popular in Hollywood history, received his fourth nomination for directing - but he has yet to win.

Nominated for best foreign film were Spain's ``Belle Epoque,'' Hong Kong's ``Farewell My Concubine,'' Britain's Welsh-language ``Hedd Wyn,'' Vietnam's ``The Scent of Green Papaya,'' and Taiwan's ``The Wedding Banquet.''

It was the first time more than one film from Asia was nominated in the category in a single year.

The awards will be presented March 21, with actress Whoopi Goldberg as host.

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