The Gifted Ones (A&E, 9-10 p.m.): Public fascination with musical prodigies is a constant of history. Mozart, of course, dazzled 18th-century courts as a tot who could breeze through difficult keyboard works.

This documentary - one of the channel's Performing Arts Specials - assumes the same kind of interest on the part of today's audiences as it profiles three impressive talents, two of them young enough to instill wonder on the basis of their age: violinist Michael Pvrutsky and cellist Daniel Lee, both 13 years old. The third, flotist Demarre McGill, has reached the ripe age of 18 but had his first solo recital in 1985.

Michael, who was six (!) when he began at the Moscow Conservatory, came to the United States last year from Russia and now attends the Juilliard Conservatory. He'll be featured in two upcoming concerts by the Philadelphia Orchestra as part of their Children's Concert Series. Daniel began piano at age 5, cello at age 6, and has already won several honors on both. Both he and Demarre - also a multi-award-winner - study at the Curtis Institute.

House of Representatives (C-Span, 10 a.m. EST to conclusion.): The channel's regular coverage.


20/20 (ABC, 10-11 p.m.): More than 23 years ago a young woman named Katherine Ann Power was involved in the shooting death of a police officer during a bank robbery in Brighton, Mass. Until her recent surrender, conviction, and 8-to-12-year sentence, she had been a fugitive, out of the public eye, working as a chef and living as a wife and mother under an assumed name.

Now she is the opposite - a celebrity felon. On Sunday she was the subject of a CBS ``60 Minutes'' segment that compared her sentence with a harsher one meted out to a man convicted of a similar crime in Massachusetts. On this edition of ``20/20,'' Barbara Walters conducts the first interview with Power, covering her life before her surrender and what led to her decision to turn herself in.

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