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Another remake of the science-fiction tale about extraterrestrials who can't be distinguished from the humans whose bodies they take over. Imaginatively directed by Abel Ferrara, this wildly ironic version takes place on a military base where conformity and regimentation are already rampant. Bojan Bazelli did the vivid cinematography. (Rated R)


A crooked cop gets romantically tangled up with a wicked woman he's supposed to be guarding. Gary Oldman and Lena Olin give energetic performances, ably supported by Annabella Sciorra and Roy Scheider as a long-suffering wife and a high-powered mobster. But the movie's main distinction is its increasingly lurid tone, reaching heights of mayhem so bizarre they're almost surrealistic. Hilary Henkin wrote the screenplay, which lacks the moral force that has distinguished other recent films directed by Peter Medak, including the unforgettable ``Let Him Have It.'' (Rated R)

* AILEEN WOURNOS: THE SELLING OF A SERIAL KILLER - At once riveting, provocative, and deeply disturbing, this expertly made documentary raises important questions about the American legal system and its relationship to the mass media. Aileen Wuornos is a former prostitute who was convicted of murdering seven clients, although she claimed she was defending herself against their violent abuses. During the criminal proceedings she was adopted by a religious woman and befriended by an aggressive lawyer, both of whom encouraged her to clear her conscience by pleading no contest to the charges against her; later she decided these self-designated supporters only wanted to hasten her execution so they could reap publicity and profits from their association with her. Directed by

Nick Broomfield, who candidly includes his own filmmaking practices among the phenomena under examination. (Not rated)

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