UPI to Distribute Monitor Stories in Latin America

UNITED Press International has agreed to translate and distribute selected articles from The Christian Science Monitor as part of an expanded Latin America service.

The agreement was reached with the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, which represents the Monitor.

``We are very pleased to offer our subscribers the high-quality copy that is a trademark of The Christian Science Monitor,'' says Rodrigo Corning, UPI's director of Latin American operations.

The news agency also announced Tuesday that it will relocate its Latin America department to Miami, where the company will coordinate its Spanish-language coverage.

All subscribers to UPI's Spanish-language service will receive The Christian Science Monitor file of articles, Mr. Corning says.

``UPI has kept a very strong presence in Latin America, and we are happy to have this agreement,'' says Gary Neeleman, international vice president of the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

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