A weekly update of film releases

* SISTER ACT 2: BACK IN THE HABIT - Whoopi Goldberg reprises her role as a nightclub singer passing herself off as a nun, this time to boost the morale and discipline of an inner-city school by coaching its choir to first place in an all-state competition. The first ``Sister Act'' told its story so speedily and sketchily that the music sequences were the only scenes a moviegoer could sink into and enjoy. This sequel offers a similar mix of frivolity, sentimentality, and predictability, spiced with perky performances by Mary Wickes, the inimitable Kathy Najimy, and other familiar faces. Bill Duke directed the forgettable fun. (Rated PG)

* ATLANTIS - Although he's best known for melodramas like ``La Femme Nikita'' and ``Subway,'' the peripatetic French filmmaker Luc Besson has shown his affection for the ocean and its creatures in movies from ``Le Dernier Combat'' to ``The Big Blue,'' and here he indulges his inclinations all the way, serving a nonstop feast of underwater images shot near the Galapagos Islands, off the North Pole, and in the Red Sea, among other locations. The corny narration and the lightweight Eric Serra music don't add much, but cinematographer Christian Petron has captured enough unexpected wonders to make the excursion more than worthwhile.

(Not rated)

* THE SNAPPER - A teenage girl announces her unplanned pregnancy to her unprepared parents but refuses to name the man who shares responsibility for her condition. Roddy Doyle has packed the dialogue with vivid reflections of working-class attitudes in today's England, and director Stephen Frears has filmed the action with a refreshing lack of pretension. The film is more gritty than enlightening, however, lacking the punchy surprise of ``My Beautiful Laundrette,'' still Frears's most ingenious exploration of British life. (Rated R)

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