Notes on the Media

`Doonesbury' comics pulled

Southern California's three largest daily newspapers decided not to print Doonesbury cartoons that took lighthearted views of the recent wildfires. The Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, and The San Diego Union-Tribune ran old Doonesbury cartoons instead.

``This tragedy is one of the worst in Orange County's history. It's nothing to make fun of,'' said Tonnie Katz, editor of The Orange County Register.

The six strips by Garry Trudeau featured a Malibu couple panicking when they believe a neighbor's home is on fire. It turns out it's not a wildfire but an overheated barbecue grill. Cartoon distributor Universal Press Syndicate said the offending strips were drawn after the Laguna Beach and Altadena fires, but before the Malibu fire, in which three people died and hundreds of homes were destroyed. Pravda resumes publication

Pravda, the voice of the Soviet Union for decades, resumed publication after a month-long ban with the headline ``We're back'' and a ringing declaration that it would never abandon socialism.

But Pravda officials promised ``a more civilized tone'' in opposing President Boris Yeltsin's government, which banned the newspaper during a violent confrontation with hard-line lawmakers in early October.

``Let it be clear to everyone: We are not changing our convictions. We remain committed to the best traditions of Pravda.... We condemn extremism in all its forms,'' the newspaper declared in a front-page editorial Nov. 2. Schwarzkopf on the Winter Games

CBS Sports's broadcasts of the 1994 Olympic Winter Games, Feb. 12-27 in Lillehammer, Norway, will not only cover the competition but also offer reports from a special group that includes Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf (ret.) and author and radio performer Garrison Keillor. Some 150 such pieces are planned for 120 hours of broadcasting. In one of General Schwarzkopf's segments, he visits the Norway-Russia border and finds that preparations for winter patrols are not unlike preparations for winter sports. Mr. Keillor will look at the unique character of Norwegian-Americans.

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