A weekly update of film releases

* MY LIFE - A man tries to reconcile with his parents, prepare for the birth of his child, and reevaluate his life while dying of a grave illness. Written and directed by Bruce Joel Rubin of ``Ghost'' fame, this New Age-ish drama is as slick as its hugely popular predecessor, and twice as lachrymose. Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman set the pace with their hard-working but surface-bound performances. (Rated PG-13)

* THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Swashing and buckling through the usual situations, the handsome heroes are as lively as ever in this new rehash of their story. Unfortunately, the film is more colorful than original, and packs few surprises for anyone who's seen these adventures before, especially in a superior version like Richard Lester's two-part adaptation in the mid-1970s. The filmmakers apparently figure that youngsters won't recognize the cliches and stereotypes, while older spectators will laugh off the campy formulas; but that attitude is too jaded to mesh with the good nature of the musketeers themselves. At least the acting is energetic, and Oliver Platt is quite amusing as Porthos. Directed by Stephen Herek from David Loughery's screenplay. (Rated PG)

* THE WAR ROOM - This vivid and amusing documentary penetrates the inner sanctum of last year's Clinton campaign, peering over the shoulders of his strategists and tacticians as they engineer his victory. The style of the film is straightforward cinema verite, with no added narration or music to come between us and the action. There are thrills and cliffhangers galore, even though everyone now knows the outcome of the tale, and chief wheeler-dealer James Carville emerges as a zesty screen personality. Directed by D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus. (Not rated)

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