Trusting God

CRISES can be resolved--through spiritual understanding and untiring, wholehearted trust in God. Not long ago, a business project my husband and I are deeply committed to struck a roadblock that threatened its survival. We'd invested a considerable amount of money in support of this venture, which provides useful information to businesses as well as wholesome entertainment for children. Then, suddenly, the person we'd trusted to operate the business claimed that he was the rightful owner of the company and brought suit against us.

After a moment of despair, we began an earnest study of the Bible and the textbook of Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded this Christian religion. Consistent study of these two books shows us that as we come to understand what Jesus taught about God's nature as divine Love and infinite good, we very naturally trust Him to establish harmony right where frustration and conflict seem to be. We've found that the Bible is much more than human history or merely a comfort that helps mankind bear daily difficulties. The Bible reveals the glowing example of Christ Jesus, who triumphed over whatever would try to obstruct man's genuine efforts to prove his God-given birthright of dominion. And the writings of Mrs. Eddy clearly show that the mastery over evil that Jesus exemplified is not limited to that era; rather, anyone who resolutely puts full trust in God, good, can find practical solutions in his or her life.

Communion with God helps us discover more of the allness and naturalness of good, and this leads to greater trust in God and to higher aims, aligned with the divine will. Whoever turns to God's directing in humble, expectant prayer receives indescribable inspiration, which inevitably leads to healing. This has been our experience. When he was a new student of Christian Science, my husband experienced two physical healings after he began daily study of the Bible and Science and Health. Chronic headaches disappeared, and warts that had been on one of his hands just weren't there one day. I, too, have had many healings through this Christly religion, so it was natural for us to rely on prayer to God to solve this business problem.

Our prayer and study filled us with new vigor and directed our thoughts to the spiritual qualities that make up God's nature. Knowing that these qualities are fully expressed in man, who is actually God's spiritual reflection, we resolved to shut out inclinations to resent or retaliate, and we wholeheartedly expected proofs that righteousness is rewarded.

We placed full trust in God's divine wisdom and goodness. For example, we relied on this verse in Psalms: ``The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me'' (138:8). And we constantly leaned on this statement in Science and Health: ``Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love'' (p. 66).

As we kept this spiritual standpoint in mind, expectancy instead of self-centered concern or despair permeated our busy days. Day by day, we felt more secure in the absolute truth that God, good, is All and is reflected in all; and we gained the spiritual insight and foresight that led us to take wise legal steps, which quickly confirmed our ownership of the project, and our relations with the man were restored to normal.

This whole experience helped us view mankind with more compassion and forgiveness. We learned how important it is to understand God's infinite care and to trust His perfect ability to govern us all wisely.

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