Not fitting furs' image

Thank you for the article ``US Fur Sales Increase As Economy Recovers,'' Oct. 21. I find it interesting that the industry is ``trying to recreate furs' luxury image and mystique.'' Animal rights activists' role has been to present information so people can make informed choices.

I began to make good money in the 1980s, when fur was being pushed to young women as a symbol of success. I wanted to fit this image of the successful professional who could buy her own fur.

This is also when the information about the fur industry began to come out. I learned what a mink ``ranch'' really is. I learned about electrocution, trapping, animals going insane in small cages, self-mutilation, and disease. I was able to make an informed choice: Fur's not worth it. It doesn't empower you or reward you.

I no longer buy into the myth. Cathy Woodworth, Sonoma, Calif.

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