Going to Bat for Fans and Wild Card Dollars

In regard to the editorial ``Wild Card Series?,'' Oct. 19: I suspect that the author has nothing to worry about in relation to Major League Baseball's new realignment of its division and change in its playoff format.

The reason to create two more divisions and to expand the number of teams in the playoffs is to increase the stagnating level of interest among the fans and to generate more television revenues.

In order to remain competitive with the ever-increasing popularity of football and basketball, baseball had to make a business decision. With two more divisions and playoff teams to the game, more fans will stay interested in their teams because they will have a greater chance of making the playoffs.

As far as a ``wild card series'' goes, it will not be very likely to happen. Usually, not always, the best team will win.

If the division winners cannot beat a wild card team, then they don't deserve to be in the World Series. Besides, America loves to cheer for the underdog, and this is exactly what baseball is hoping for. Andrew DeLaMare, Rexburg, Idaho

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