Faced With Injustice?

THE agonized wail ``It's not fair!'' sometimes comes from a child who feels powerless in the face of injustice. Others sometimes feel powerless too. It used to be that when I had a difficult situation to deal with, a disagreement with a garage owner or a builder, for example, I would think, ``If only I were a six-foot man, things would be so much easier!'' I had always felt I didn't have the physical attributes that would give me power or influence to ensure that what was right would be done. ``It's not fair!'' perfectly described my attitude.

But I have found that there is a power that is more effective than human strength or influence. It's the power of God, divine Principle, that Christ Jesus showed us in his life and works. I found out about this power by reading the Bible and a book that helps us to understand the Bible: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science. I learned that God is divine Principle, that His law is ever present and ever operative, and is expressed in justice, strength, and right action. With infinite care God provides spiritual qualities for all of His children to reflect. This means that honesty, uprightness, and integrity are what have power in our lives.

We can turn to divine Principle, God, and trust His law of justice to bring about the right result. We need to listen for His guidance, follow it, and know that because He is the one Mind, He is always communicating with all His children. God is the only power, and there is no other influence--none to cause anyone to do wrong. Everyone is blessed in doing right.

Here is a small example of the effect of sticking to these truths. A plumber did some work in my home, but soon it went wrong. I employed him to do the work again, but the repair was still unsuccessful. I felt that he should correct the job without further payment. The man's boss did not agree, and refused to take action. To me it seemed that he felt he could safely ignore the requests of a woman on her own.

I prayed to know that Principle was in charge, not the human will that belligerently wants its own way. I was sure that God would bring about a just outcome--which might, I realized, not be what I expected. When the case was put before the Craftsmen's Guild of which the firm was a member, the guild decided in favor of the plumber. I was surprised, but I continued to pray. I was able to resist the temptation to be angry. I maintained my trust in divine justice and asked the guild to reconsider the case. They did, and this time they asked the firm to do the work. The manager apologized to me and had the work redone, successfully.

It is turning to God's wisdom, law, and strength that brings a just result that benefits everyone. Unlike confrontational methods that attempt to impose one person's will on another, God's law acts gently and leaves no bad feeling, as divine Principle is also divine Love. Mrs. Eddy gently urges in Science and Health: ``Let Truth uncover and destroy error in God's own way, and let human justice pattern the divine'' (p. 542).

We do not need to long for more material strength or influence. We do need to rely wholeheartedly on divine Principle, God, our Father-Mother, whose just and loving care is always present and blessing all of us. And if we hear of injustice taking place in another part of the world, we can, and must, know that God is present in that very place, and that His wisdom and law are guiding each of His children. The Bible tells us in Psalms: ``The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed'' (103:6). Let us accept this promise, for ourselves and others.

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