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* ESPECIALLY ON SUNDAY - Anthology films are not as common as they once were, so there's novelty value in this Italian collection of three separate stories about love and loneliness. All were written by Tonino Guerra, but they vary a great deal in effectiveness. The weakest is the segment about a stray dog pursuing a reluctant master, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore of ``Cinema Paradiso'' fame; the other two, directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci and Marco Tullio Giordana, are somewhat more involving. (Not rated)

* INTO THE WEST - Two young Irish boys rescue a racehorse from a greedy businessman who has swindled it from their grandfather, and they become the objects of a complicated chase. Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin star in this family-oriented adventure, which was directed by Mike Newell from Jim Sheridan's screenplay. With so many talented people on board, it's surprising the picture looks so drab and moves at such an uneven pace. (Rated PG)

* IT'S ALL TRUE: BASED ON AN UNFINISHED FILM BY ORSON WELLES - Orson Welles headed for Brazil in 1942 to make ``It's All True,'' a three-part movie about Latin American life. But after ``Citizen Kane'' did poorly at the box office, the RKO studio re-edited his just-completed ``The Magnificent Ambersons'' and cancelled ``It's All True'' in midproduction, partly because it felt Welles was shooting too much footage of black people. During the 1980s, a portion of the Brazilian footage was found in a storage vault, and this new movie uses that material to reconstruct Welles's episode about heroic peasants making a near-impossible raft voyage. It's not Welles at his greatest, but it's a must-see for anyone interested in American film history. Richard Wilson, Myron Meisel, and Bill Krohn directed the stodgy documentary that introduces the Welles material. (Not rated)

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