Media: Respect Public's Right to Hear Perot

Regarding the Opinion page article ``Picking on Perot,'' Sept. 28: Ross Perot changed the course of the 1992 election. I didn't vote for him, but I'm grateful to him for defining a few issues.

Now the author writes about how both parties ``pick on Perot.'' The author neglects to mention the media: TV and print media pundits were calling Mr. Perot ``a demagogue'' and an eccentric long before Jimmy Carter was.

Mr. Carter's attack on Perot was unattractive. But I want to be able to hear Carter just as I want to hear and read of whatever Ross Perot has to say. R. R. Larocca, Fresno, Calif. International waters

The editorial ``Saving More Than Oil,'' Sept. 13, states: ``Washington State Gov. Mike Lowry (D) recently ordered all oil tankers serving Canada via western Washington's inland passages to file spill-prevention plans with the state.''

We in Canada applaud this requirement. However, these ``inland passages'' are not Washington's; the Strait of Juan de Fuca is an international waterway, bordered on the east side by Canada along the coast of British Columbia.

We appreciate the greater coverage the Monitor has been giving to Canadian affairs. E. J. Johnston, Victoria, Canada Real basis for safety

I agree with the editorial ``Tourist Safety in Florida,'' Sept. 16, which states that ``nine deaths are nine too many.'' I appreciate the effort Florida is making to protect foreign tourists, but I think the real problem lies in what people think of other human beings.

The coldheartedness, carelessness, and cruelty that lie behind the murders need to change. It's ludicrous to have tourists not come to our country because they are afraid. Lauren Regus, Fayetteville, Ga. Counterpane School

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