Bill Moyers' Journal (PBS, 9-10 p.m.): On location in London, Moyers turns his reflective-yet-probing interview style on the editors of one of the world's great magazines: The Economist, a journal of finance, culture, and politics that this year it is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The magazine has recently doubled its circulation in the United States, partly on the strength of its comments about American life and international affairs, although it has been making these comments - historically with a pro-American tone - since 1843.

During this period it has had 15 editors, and Moyers talks with four of them. They're all ``bullish on America'' but exhibit the sharp tongues the magazine is famous for. The editors have enough distance from their subject to lend sharpness and objectivity to their remarks, making this a discussion refreshingly free of the cliches of word and thought typical of so much media talk today. One editor calls the US ``a magnificent country which is still experimenting with its own existence.'' Another says admitting so many different kinds of people into the country has been a good thing, but ``not expecting them to speak English ... could well prove to be a very bad mistake.''

The latter also says that if ``political correctness'' should ``get to the point where you can hardly open your mouth without risking offending somebody - and therefore you stop opening your mouth - that will be greatly to America's detriment, and I hope The Economist will continue to shout `Watch it!' at every turn.'' Hear, hear! * SATURDAY

World Series - if needed (CBS, 8 p.m. to conclusion): The Toronto Blue Jays play Game 6 at home in the SkyDome against the Philadelphia Phillies. * SUNDAY

Sunday Journal (C-Span, 12 noon to 1 p.m., E.T.): The weekly video magazine examines the past week's issues and some upcoming events.

World Series - if needed (CBS, 8 p.m., E.T., to conclusion): The Blue Jays play at home against the Phillies in the seventh and final game.

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