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* FEARLESS - After surviving a terrifying plane crash, a creative and successful man starts to reevaluate his life, seeking an honesty and intensity he never thought about before, and trying to help a woman who has fallen into depression after her baby's death in the accident. In its early scenes, the drama seems poised to explore challenging issues of faith, transcendence, and spiritual growth; but it never delves below the surface of those subjects, preferring to stay on the simpler level of friendship, resilience, and psychological struggle. It is a well-made story on its own terms, with fine performances by Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez in her first truly demanding role. Still, it's too bad director Peter Weir didn't try to recapture the sense of higher, deeper things that surged through such early films as ``The Last Wave'' and ``The Year of Living Dangerously.'' (Rated R)

* BEING AT HOME WITH CLAUDE - Montreal is the setting for this Canadian drama about the police interrogation of a young man who has murdered his male lover. Based on Rene-Daniel DuBois's play, the movie tries to cast light on violence and homosexuality, but seems more pushy than insightful. Directed by Jean Beaudin. (Not rated)

* FLIGHT OF THE INNOCENT - After witnessing the death of his family in a feud between rival kidnaping gangs, a young Italian boy flees the mountains and looks for safety in the big city, then decides to atone for his family's crimes by returning a fortune in ransom money to the parents of their last victim. Directed by newcomer Carlo Carlei, this Italian production is a tremendously exciting thriller, speeding the young hero through a string of wild adventures with a visual energy Steven Spielberg could envy. Look out for violence and an atmosphere of harrowing intensity, though. (Rated R)

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