DENNY TRIAL DECISIONS EXPECTED TODAY The Los Angeles jury in the Reginald Denny beating case revealed Saturday that it had reached verdicts on some counts but could not decide others, including some of the most serious charges against the two defendants. Superior Court Judge John Ouderkirk said he would accept today the verdicts the jury had reached. Damian Williams and Henry Watson were charged with attempted murder and other felonies in attacks on Mr. Denny and others that took place as rioting broke out on April 29, 1992. Both were accused of taking part in the most notorious attack of the riot, the televised assault on Mr. Denny, a truck driver. Prosecutors said they would ask that deliberations continue. Sudan's new leadership

Sudan's ruling military junta disbanded on Saturday, appointed its leader president, and widened the powers of parliament. Before disbanding, the junta issued a decree specifying Islamic law as the basis of Sudan's political system but guaranteeing freedom of religion.

Since coming to power in a coup on June 30, 1989, Lt. Gen. Omar Hassan al-Bashir has steadily turned Sudan into an Islamic state ruled by sharia or Islamic law. A 10-year civil war between the Christian and animist south and Muslim north of Sudan, coupled with famine, has killed more than 1 million people and ruined the country's economy. In August, Washington put Sudan on its list of nations sponsoring terrorism. Russian nuclear dumping

A Russian Navy tanker was pumping nuclear waste directly into the ocean 300 miles north of Japan yesterday despite a 1983 international moratorium on such dumping, the environmental group Greenpeace said. The group said its investigations indicated the 900 tons of waste were primarily reactor coolant and cleaning water from the Russian Pacific Fleet's dilapidated nuclear submarine force. The Russian Ecology Ministry gave the Navy a permit to dump the waste despite the moratorium, Greenpeace said. Welcome back, Durant

Wounded US helicopter pilot Michael Durant, free after 11 days in captivity in Somalia, arrived in the US Saturday and was awarded a Purple Heart. Durant and his wife Lorrie received a hero's welcome at Ft. Campbell, Ky., after a brief stopover at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. Latin leaders back NAFTA

Latin American leaders ended a two-day summit in Santiago, Chile, strongly supporting President Clinton's campaign to push the North American Free Trade Agreement through Congress. The members of the Group of Rio also backed the international effort to restore democracy to Haiti and criticized the European Community for farm subsidies that they said hurt Latin American farmers. Bosnian fighting

Serb artillery pounded the besieged Bosnian capital of Sarajevo over the weekend as Serb and Croat forces stepped up attacks on targets on the front lines across the former Yugoslav republic. In the breakaway Muslim enclave of Bihac, rebel Muslims conceded the loss of the enclave yesterday to their rivals, the Muslim-dominated Bosnian government Army.

In Croatia, President Franjo Tudjman was reelected head of his ruling Croatian Democratic Union party and edged out the most hard-line politicians, saying the party must become more moderate to win international acceptance. Chinese Muslim toes line

China's most senior Muslim cleric, speaking after outbreaks of religious unrest in the western city of Xining, has warned Muslims against using mosques to oppose the Communist Party, an official newspaper reported.

The Qinghai Daily quoted Ilyas Shen Xiaxi, president of the government-run China Islamic Association, as saying a small minority of people had used the cloak of religion to exploit Muslims, spread rumors, and attack the state.

``They forced ordinary Muslims and imams who did not understand the true situation to interfere with the nation's economic construction and damage Qinghai's unity and stability, seriously affecting people's normal production and order,'' Shen said.

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