Ride and Tie

Ride and Tie

Ride and tie, ride and tie

the old country way of sharing a horse

between two riders

which my father and I tried one afternoon

in summer. From the point of origin

the first one rides apiece, the

second walks behind

outdistanced quickly but knowing

that at a likely tree ahead the

first will leave the horse tied

and walk on while the second rides;

at some point further along

the first is overtaken and remounts

to ride again while the second trails

him to the awaited tree

where the horse will be tied.

In this way all three are rested

and cover easily the miles

to their destination.

Yes, ride and tie, ride and tie.

In this way generations span

the great gap of their lives.

I see my father still as striding ahead

while I ride and

when I overtake him we will have our


under the deep hills by the pine

before he rides on again beyond me.

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