Troubled Waters

In April, American Rivers, a river-conservation organization in Washington, D.C., announced its 1993 list of the 25 most endangered and threatened rivers. According to American Rivers, these face serious environmental threats from industrial pollutants, storm water runoff, sewage, and power dams, which upset ecosystems.

The most endangered rivers

1. Rio Grande/Rio Conchos River system (Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico)

2. Columbia/Snake River system, including the Yakima tributary (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Canada)

3. Everglades (Florida)

4. Anacostia River (Maryland and Washington, D.C.)

5. Virgin River (Utah, Arizona, and Nevada)

6. Rogue/Illinois River system (Oregon)

7. Penobscot River (Maine)

8. Clavey River (California)

9. Alsek and Tatshenshini River system (Alaska and Canada)

10. Platte River (Nebraska)

Fifteen highly threatened rivers

11. Animas River (Colorado)

12. Beaverkill (lower) and Willowemoc River system (New York)

13. Blackfoot River (Montana)

14. Eleven Point River (Missouri)

15. Great Whale River (Qyebec, Canada)

16. Little Big Horn River (Wyoming)

17. Los Angeles River (California)

18. Moose Creek (Alaska)

19. Skokomish River (Washington)

20. St. Mary's River (Virgina)

21. Susquehanna River (Pennsylvania)

22. Tennesse Rivr (Kentucky)

23. Thorne River (Alaska)

24. White River (Arkansas)

25. Yuba River, South (California)

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