Balkan puzzle in disarray

Regarding the article ``Mostar: A Warsaw Ghetto in Bosnia,'' Sept 14: As a condition to signing the Geneva accord, Bosnian President Alija Iztegebovic has asked for the coastal city of Neum as an outlet to the sea. The Bosnian commander quoted by the author agrees. While the desire for a port is understandable, geographically and ethnically this makes little sense.

Neum is not a minor adjustment. This condition is an attempt to break the negotiations and draw Western military intervention. The Neum stretch is ethnically over 90 percent Croatian and would cut Croatia in two. An unfriendly force in Neum makes defense of Dubrovnik and southern Dalmatia impossible. Should the entire population of Neum be ethnically cleansed? Anne Parks, Durham, N.C.

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