US Must Examine Its Own Ethnic Hostility

The author of the Opinion page article ``A Look Into the Stubborn Roots of Ethnic Intolerance,'' Sept. 3, fails to mention that our own cultural identity problems in America reflect those of Bulgaria (or Yugoslavia, etc.); however, we are refusing to acknowledge it.

As long as racial groups in America continue to pit themselves against other races by claiming victimhood and then lashing out in retribution, our nation will end up like Bosnia or Bulgaria: consumed in a bitter race war.

A diverse people corralled into one nation will more than likely result in racial and cultural animosity, unless groups learn to sacrifice some of their own agendas for unity's sake.

I don't think one needs to look further than the breakup of the former Soviet Union to see the truth of this. Neil Uchitel, Los Angeles Islam is no monster to Europe

Thank you for the front-page article ``Bosnia Plan's Division of Land is Under Attack,'' Aug. 30. As a Muslim, I don't understand why my religion is portrayed as the next ``ism'' (after communism). The quote by Gordana Knezevic in this article talks about the ``monster of Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.'' Can you imagine five-year-old Irma as this fundamentalist monster? I cannot. She represents the state of the Muslims in Bosnia, showing clearly that there is no ``monster of Islamic fundamentalism.'' Saif Patel, Lisle, Ill.

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