HBO Sweeps Emmys

ARTISTS who found a welcoming harbor for their talents at Home Box Office hailed the cable operation's triumphant night at the Emmys Sunday as a victory for quality TV.

``It seems the cable channels are willing to go for quality more than the networks,'' said David Clennon, who won an Emmy for a guest appearance on HBO's comedy series, ``Dream On.'' ``The networks have to answer to sponsors who are answerable to right-wing groups,'' he said. ``HBO is answerable only to its subscribers.''

In the 45th annual awards ceremony, HBO took 17 awards - more than any other network. NBC took 16 awards, CBS had 14 and ABC 12. Two shows won three Emmys apiece: NBC's comedy ``Seinfeld`` and CBS's drama ``Picket Fences.''

HBO made Emmy history when two of its movies, ``Stalin,'' about the life of the Soviet dictator, and ``Barbarians at the Gate,'' an absurdist treatment of the R.J.R. Nabisco takeover, tied for outstanding TV movie. It was the first time a network did not win the top made-for-TV movie award.

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