COURT ALLOWS FOR DEMJANJUK DEPARTURE An Israeli Supreme Court justice yesterday lifted a restraining order delaying John Demjanjuk's deportation, clearing the way for him to leave the country, Justice Ministry spokeswoman Etty Eshed said. Justice Theodore Orr rejected appeals by Holocaust survivors and Nazi hunters to hold further review of Mr. Demjanjuk's case with an eye toward trying him again for war crimes, she added. Demjanjuk was acquitted on July 29 of charges that he was the notorious ``Ivan the Terrible,'' a gas chamber operator at the Treblinka death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. But Holocaust survivors sought to have him tried for allegedly being a guard at other Nazi camps. Bosnia truce broken

Bosnian Muslims and Croats traded fire yesterday, ignoring a day-old truce agreed to by their political leaders and diplomatic efforts to end the civil war before the Balkan winter comes. The former allies fought around the ancient Ottoman city of Mostar and for control of the north-south highway linking the Croat-held towns of Vitez and Busovaca in central Bosnia, Croatian radio reported. United Nations officers played down the reports and said the level of fighting had subsided. Discovery grabs telescope

During a space rendezvous yesterday, shuttle astronauts used Discovery's robot arm to retrieve a German ultraviolet telescope deployed to study the life cycles of stars. The $70 million telescope, traveling at 25 times the speed of sound, observed stars similar to Earth's sun in the Milky Way.

The five-man shuttle crew will return the telescope to earth, where astronomers will collect data recorded during its week-long deployment. Retrieving the telescope was the last major task of Discovery's nine-day mission, launched from Florida a week ago after months of technical delays. Report on Liberia massacre

A UN investigation has blamed Liberian government troops for a June massacre of more than 400 refugees. Many survivors of the massacre in Harbel initially blamed guerrillas loyal to rebel leader Charles Taylor, who denied any role in the incident. But some began suspecting government troops after it was learned that two government soldiers escaped the killings unharmed.Cambodia reinstates king

Cambodian lawmakers approved a new democratic constitution yesterday, paving a way for veteran leader Prince Norodom Sihanouk to be king back on the throne after nearly 40 years. A government spokesman said the legislature had ended debate on the charter, providing a fresh political basis for Cambodia after decades of violent power struggles.

Prince Sihanouk, who has been head of state, will return to Phnom Penh from Beijing on Thursday and is expected to sign the new constitution Friday. Mexico House makes change

Mexico's 500-member House of Deputies, controlled by President Carlos Salinas de Gortari's Institutional Revolutionary Party, agreed Saturday to expand from one to three days the post-election period for filing formal charges of election fraud. The deputies also agreed to guarantee that at least six independent citizen observers will serve on local election boards beginning in 1994.

The number and affiliation of observers has been a source of dispute in past elections. Earlier in the session, the Mexican Congress agreed to allow Mexican-born children of foreigners to run for president beginning in 2000, but the timetable eliminated a key opposition candidate for 1994. Retiring senators

Sen. Dave Durenberger (R) of Minnesota, facing a criminal trial in a reimbursement-fraud scandal, announced Sept. 16 that he won't seek reelection next year. And in Phoenix, the embattled Sen. Dennis DeConcini (D) of Arizona said he also would step down.

The announcement by Senator Durenberger capped months of speculation that his political future had been irreparably harmed by the ethics scandal that led the Senate to denounce him in 1990. He had also faced a paternity lawsuit, but it was dismissed last month after tests showed the child was not his.

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