No such thing as justified abuse

Regarding the review of Tom Clancy's latest novel ``Without Remorse,'' Sept. 2: The book contains accounts of vicious abuse of women, avenged by John Kelly, ``the hero.'' In each case, the abusers treat the women as objects.

However, Kelly in turn treats the abusers as objects too vile to deserve just treatment, and he kills them ``without remorse.''

Kelly wonders about the morality of these murders, but both he and the woman he comes to love conclude that they are justified.

There is a subtle danger in treating others (however much we may dislike their actions) as objects for our disposal. Given the growing awareness of the relationship between viewing women as objects and the frequent incidents of rape and spouse abuse, the Monitor could have alerted readers of Mr. Clancy's books to this subversive thinking. John Hooper, Elsah, Ill.

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