Draft of Clinton's Health-Reform Plan

* Everyone receives health coverage - set up as a basic plan - by 1997 at a total cost of $700 billion.

* Plan likely financed through increased cigarette taxes, Medicare premium increases, and trimming Medicare growth.

* Projected cost of average HMO-type plan for an individual would be $1,800 and for a family, $4,200.

* Businesses providing more than basic package would pay taxes on additional benefits. Employees also would be taxed.

* Workers pay 20 percent of basic-plan costs and employers pay 80 percent.

* Government would subsidize 20 percent of costs for low-income employees, unemployed and the poor.

* Medicaid - for the poor - and the federal-employee health systems would be abolished. Medicare - for the elderly - would be expanded to include long-term care and pharmaceutical benefits.

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