As Kermit once said

Regarding the article ``The Environment's New Clothes,'' Aug. 19: The United States' garment industry should be applauded for showing some sensitivity to its ecological impact. Unfortunately, we are enculturated to believe that being stylish is more important than our savings account. Selling ``green'' clothes to such a clientele will not be easy.

``Buy less'' and wear less variety is a good prescription, but also anti-American. My daughter was amazed when she lived in Sweden that her stylish roommate would wear the same clothes for days until they got dirty.

As engineering faculty, I attend many meetings that are populated largely by ``appropriately dressed'' men. For summer conferences, I have to bring extra clothes for the air-conditioned meeting rooms that are adjusted to accommodate suit coats and ties. A large immediate impact on energy consumption could be achieved if people would dress in cool clothes for the hot months. The temperature in thousands of office buildings and meeting rooms could be increased at least 10 degrees. How much longer can we afford to let cultural values regulate our energy use? Jenifer Taylor, Alfred, N.Y. Assoc. Prof. of Ceramic Engineering Alfred University

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