Leaves in the Water

Long have I looked, admiringly, at the water, have lost my thoughts in the leaves flowing with the waves, have felt them going. It is the old bemusement common to a daughter of the wild rains, wide skies, and earth - wanting to see where the leaves will go. Will they reach the sea?

Now I rise to my feet, leave my place and follow verdure loosened, caught in the shade of the trees, breaking reflections of clouds, trying to ease out onto banks and along the hollow. All is not smooth. There are dams of sticks, with stones conspiring; but by diligent turning and by deft twisting, the current picks the leaves away, sweeps them toward their yearning....

And I who am stayed somewhat by climbing hills and caution, company them by glances only half known, and not my own - to be taken by a thousand wills and swept somewhere, eager and alone....

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