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* BARJO - It's hard to summarize the plot of this wildly offbeat French comedy. The main characters are twins, equally eccentric but in different ways: The sister desperately seeks a romantic affair that will break the monotony of her unhappy domestic routine, while the brother cultivates a fantasy life based on obsessive collecting, constant note-taking, and imaginary visits with the characters of a TV science-fiction show.

Everything from childhood memories to extrasensory perception and the imminent end of the world plays a part in their tragicomic story, which can be rambunctiously vulgar one moment and quietly sensitive the next.

The film is directed by Jerome Boivin, who made the unconventional dog movie "Baxter" a few seasons ago; he also wrote the screenplay with Jacques Audiard, based on a Philip Dick novel. Anne Brochet and Hippolyte Girardot play the siblings, with Richard Bohringer as the discontented husband of the story. (Not rated)

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