Teaching the `Grace Notes of Life'

Thank you for the editorial "Supporting `Grace Notes'," June 9. My brother, sister, and I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Part of our public school education was an introduction to music. At age nine, I was introduced to opera at the Shrine Auditorium, and my memory recalls to this day the production of Mozart's "The Magic Flute." That one experience set me on the path of supporting classical music.

In my free time, I find ways to introduce young people to the beauty of classical music. We must strive to continue young people's education in the music of the masters. Ed Specht, Carlsbad, Calif. Funding asylum requests

Regarding the editorial "Inhumane `China Trade'," June 10: You appear to advise that the solution to the problem of illegal Chinese immigrants is for the taxpayers to increase funding for asylum request cases. This is no solution, rather it is a catalyst to an even greater effort on the part of all involved criminal elements to violate United States immigration laws.

This immigration problem facing the US is just one of many difficult financial problems facing the country, and it requires sound cost-cutting solutions. David J. Reese, Reno, Nev. Hold the labels

Regarding the article "Clinton Seeks Center in Naming Ginsburg to the Supreme Court," June 15: As a Jewish woman I feel the comment "traditional Jewish seat" was made in poor taste. What is a traditional Jewish seat? Is it a centrist position? Jews come in all shapes and sizes, thoughts and political beliefs. We need to move beyond the generalization and stereotyping of all people. Audrey Eisner, So. Pasadena, Calif.

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