Mulroney's Candor Remains in Question

In the editorial "A View of Mulroney," June 10, the author writes, "Americans responded to Mulroney's candor." Candor can mean mere frankness, but it customarily denotes sincerity too. Canadians (including myself) learned early that sincerity was a quality sorely lacking in the prime minister, and many credit him with instigating the decline of the Canadian middle class.

At Mr. Mulroney's leave-taking, Canada is bitterly disappointed with and mistrustful of government. The General Services Tax has spawned an enormous black market in everything from cigarettes to roof repairs. The health- care system, once a model for the world, is deteriorating because the government has deliberately withdrawn funding.

Candor? Hardly. Rather arrogance and shortsightedness. Neil R. Hughes, Athens, Ga.

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