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NOWADAYS when I have to drive to meetings, I have learned to make a habit of turning to God for direction. Oh, I still use a map, but there are things maps hadn't helped me with--like improving my ability to get to the meetings on time, being considerate to other drivers, and not becoming weary. All these things are easier since I've begun to look for, and follow, the path designed by God, divine Love! It wasn't always like this. But it wasn't until I caught myself blaming a slow driver for my lateness t o a meeting that I realized that I was on the wrong track and needed to change my approach!

In the Bible, Paul asked in his letter to the Galatians: ``Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?'' Thinking about Paul's question, I realized it was my own self- justification, not the other driver, that was hindering me. And I could see that I needed to be more obedient to God's law in even the tiniest details of my life if I wanted to strengthen my ability to follow God in the path to eternal life. I wasn't doing as good a job of loving God, and loving my neighbor as my self, as I needed to--and wanted to. Reviewing the situation alone in the car one day, I saw clearly that I was not loving or cherishing God, good, nor being particularly loving to the other driver, my neighbor. In fact, I recognized with a shock, I actually didn't even enjoy my own company when it was the company of an anxious person running against time!

Christ Jesus spoke of and lived the rule of loving God and our neighbor as ourselves for our benefit. His example assures us that we have the ability to do so also. And this spiritually-based ability is strengthened as we leave behind the notion that we are limited, vulnerable mortals and recognize our genuine nature as the children of God, Love. The likeness of divine Love--which is what we truly are--is a loving and caring child. This child or ideal of Love is receptive and obedient to Christ. So, as I

began to see more clearly, the Christ-spirit is always, and in all ways, guiding our thought. Nothing can hinder our obedience to its divine direction.

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of this newspaper, points out that following Christ Jesus is the way. And she also tells us some of what to expect on our journey. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for example, she writes of Christian Science: ``Science reveals the glorious possibilities of immortal man, forever unlimited by the mortal senses. The Christ-element in the Messiah made him the Way-shower, Truth and Life.'' Spiritual man, ever conscious of divine Love, is unrestricted by time, spa ce, or person. The material senses would try to tempt me to believe that traffic, construction, or other delays could bring about anxiety or conflict. Heeding the direction of Christ, however, has brought me the peace and safety I need to travel efficiently.

It takes practice to do this consistently. But the practical Christ is always ready to give me the guidance I need for a peaceful trip. This may take form as a calm inclination to leave an hour earlier or--as has often happened--people who know where I am going will have just been there and can tell me the best route.

There is no power to stop us from running ``well,'' from obeying the truth that God's entire creation is competent and loving. This true concept is something we can turn to for guidance right now. And as we depart from the self-justification and self-righteousness that would keep us from following God's direction, we journey safely--and wisely--and arrive at peace.

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