Congress's tactics of sabotage

Regarding the front-page article "Clinton Digs In on Stimulus Plan," April 15: The Republican filibuster of Clinton's economic-stimulus package is one more example of how political infighting makes effective democracy scarce in America. The author is correct in stating that although the plan contains little in the way of real economic stimuli, it is important in setting the tone for acceptance of Clinton's more radical health-care system overhaul.

Republicans realize this, together with the fact that economic failure during Clinton's term will be attributed to Clinton alone and not to congressional bungling. This happened to Bush in his last year, and it played a large part in his loss of public approval. The tactic of sabotaging is used by both parties and does little to improve the public's perception of Congress.

It is despicable when the plan was as good as mandated by the people in electing Clinton last November. Patrick Gaston, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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